Destination Weddings
Galveston or The Boliver Peninsula
Cakes So Special offers delivery for your destination wedding to The Boliver Peninsula and
Galveston to the venue of your choice.  Whether it is the elegant Galvez or the San Luis Hotels or
perhaps a cozy cottage on Boliver, your cake will be delivered with your choice of flavors, decor
and style.  

Whether you live in Texas or out-of-state and planning your wedding for a beach destination, call
Denise and discuss your dreams and hopes for your cake.  
April is from the DFW area.  We
designed this cake over the
phone and via email.  This
vintage styled butterpecan cake
went to the elegant San Luis
Resort in Galveston
This couple is from the DFW
area and were marrying on the
beach in Boliver near Roll Over
Pass.  This smooth elegant
buttercream cake was French
Vanilla.  The wedding was March
2 at 11:30 in the morning.  I
delivered this cake at 9:00 AM.  
Mary Ann and I designed this
over the phone and via email for
her daughter.  The couple
married on Boliver Peninsula.
Sara is a photographer from the
Longview area.  She had a lovely
destination wedding at The
Galvez before leaving on a
cruise!  Her wedding was at
10:00 AM and I delivered this
cake at 8:00 AM.